20 - 24 OZ Cold Water Lobster Tails

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Date night just got better. If you're trying to prepare a romantic dinner for two, look no further than our 20-24 ounce cold water lobster tails. Our jumbo wild Canadian lobster tails are the largest available for sale. Cold-water lobsters are the meatiest, meaning you will definitely get what you paid for when you order these. They can be served alone or you can create a delicious surf n turf, just don't forget the butter to dip it in!

Your package of 20-24 ounce cold water lobster tails will arrive at your door carefully packaged in dry ice to stay fresh for that very special occasion. Whether you are ordering ahead of time or plan on preparing them as soon as they arrive, we've got you covered. We guarantee all products will be in perfect condition upon arrival.

Thaw frozen lobster tail completely, preferably overnight in the refrigerator. Alternately, tails can be thawed under cool running water.
To prepare for cooking, split the tail down the back on the shell side using either kitchen shears or a sharp chef's knife.
Remove the vein and rinse with water. Gently lift the meat up over the back. Alternately, split the tail on the shell side almost through to the underside and butterfly open.

Season to taste - try brushing the tail with a mix of lemon juice, melted butter, garlic, salt and pepper or a mix of orange juice concentrate, fresh basil, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper.

To bake lobster tails:
Prepare thawed tail as above. Bake an 8-ounce tail at 400 degrees F. for 10-12 minutes. Larger tails will take slightly longer.

To broil lobster tails:
Prepare thawed tail as above. Broil for about 5 minutes per side; watch carefully to guard against burning it.

To grill lobster tails:
Butterfly thawed tail as above. Grill tail wrapped in foil, on top rack of grill for about 12 minutes. Take care not to overcook the delicate meat.
20 - 24  OZ Cold Water Lobster Tails

20 - 24 OZ Cold Water Lobster Tails

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