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Smoky Rib Sauce

Item #: smkyrb


There's something about grilling a rack of ribs during the summertime. It just tastes better when you cook meat on the grill. Traditionalists in the world of grilling prefer to have ribs with a hearty, smoky flavor. If you are in this crowd, you can use our Smoky Rib Sauce to achieve this taste, even if you aren't able to grill out. This sauce is versatile enough to be used on ribs that are cooked on the grill as well as ribs that have been cooked in a smoker. We know it may seem like the ribs will become overpowered if you use our Smoky Rib Sauce with the smoked ribs, but instead, it'll just enhance that delicious flavor you're craving. As with everything we serve our customers, our sauces are made with fresh, quality ingredients, the same things we would serve our family. We have a variety of barbecue sauces in a variety of flavors, so you should try several to find your favorite.

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