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BBQ dry rub on a spoo

Dry Rubs 101: How to Make and How to Use Them

Marinades, wet rubs, dry rubs: confused? Let us help with our in-depth look at Dry Rubs: The Making and Using for a piece of meat or seafood you won't soon forget.

serving cup of bbq sauce

BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Marinade Differences

BBQ sauce or a rub? When should you use one over the other? When you talk to BBQ enthusiasts or experts alike, you'll find that every grill gourmet has a different opinion.

ceviche with lime

Fall is the Perfect Season for Curry

Some of us have fond memories of fall play days as children. Bundled in mittens and knitted scarves, we most likely spent the day building forts out of leaf piles, throwing leaves, or perhaps apple picking and pumpkin patch visiting.

assortment of grains and breads

Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas with Gluten Free Sauces

Whether you're new to going gluten-free or have been going gluten-free for several years, one thing newcomers and experienced alike can attest to: it's difficult to avoid it.

Healthy Fish Seasoning

Healthy Fish Seasoning

From sushi to simple sticks covered in bread, fish is one of the most nutrient-packed meats on the market and beloved to many. It can be prepared in all manner of ways but, not all those ways are truly healthy.

Pairing Meat and Sauces

Pairing Meat and Sauces

Tradition and great food often go hand in hand. When it comes to pairing the right sauce with the right cut of meat, there can be much friendly debate stemming from family history, chef know-how, and of course, tradition.

The Importance of Marinating Meat

The Importance of Marinating Meat

There’s nothing like breaking out the grill to make a delicious meal for your family. A grilled meal can be the perfect celebration for a holiday or special occasion or even just a relaxing night in with friends and family.

The Secret to Making the Perfect Fish Batter

If you've ever visited or lived in Louisiana, you know that good food and good friends are an essential part of the local culture. Exceptional cooking isn't just something to do during holidays or birthdays. For Cajun people, food is to be enjoyed for any reason, any day of the year.

Unconventional Ham Glazes That Are Delicious

Unconventional Ham Glazes That Are Delicious

A quick search online for traditional glazed ham offers a dizzying array of the combination of sweet and tangy. Most often, you will see results featuring brown sugar and mustard, or brown sugar and cloves, or brown sugar, pineapple, clove, and cherries.

Did you know that all wet rubs are marinades, but not all marinades are wet rubs? Confusing, isn't it? Sauces, marinades, and rubs—when should you use them? What makes the basis for each one to be perfect? What flavors are ideal for each type of meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and more? What should you have on hand to always have one at the ready? What's the point of these things, anyway?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions or searched for these answers, Wholey's is here to help happily! One of the great reasons we love to share everything we know about sauces, marinades, and rubs is that these three additions can take any dish to an entirely new level of flavor.

Have you ever tried to eat spaghetti without pasta sauce or a salad without any dressing? When you have the right combination of ingredients for flavor, you can take an ordinary dish and turn it into something extraordinary. This is why Wholey's has dedicated an entire section of our resources to sauces, marinades, and rubs to help you amp up that extra pow! to any dish.

Whether you are seeking something to add more texture, complementary flavors, juiciness, or even the perfect visual appeal to up your plating game, you'll find something perfect for your next meal here. Even a simple marinade can work together to add another layer of complex flavor and moisture to the meat, seafood, and fish to help you rediscover your love of certain dishes all over again.

Additionally, rubs are ideal for adding flavor to the surface of any of your favorite cuts of meat, and with the right rub, it can even leave a delectable crust after cooking. Rubs are perfect for grilling, frying, smoking, and baking too.

For flavor inspiration, the most tender and juicy meat, and that crispy, flavor-bursting crust to your next dish, let Wholey's guide you to that flawless combination just right for you! Our articles and recipes on sauces, marinades, and rubs will take your cooking to the next level of deliciousness every time.