Lobster Health Benefits

Lobster Health Benefits

Lobster is one of those versatile dishes that can be added to just about anything. Lobster mac and cheese anyone? Or how about surf and turf for date night? Whether prepared as the main meal or on the side, lobster is a wonderfully decadent option for a variety of meals. Today, lobster is known as a pricey indulgence, so you may not want to work it into your everyday meal plan, but there are many health benefits of lobster that may outweigh the cost.

Lobster Nutrition

Because this is not an everyday option, you may not know all the health benefits of lobster. However, lobster is a great source of Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Vitamin E, and a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Now, like other shellfish, lobster does have cholesterol, however, there's no evidence to suggest eating it has a higher than average link to harmful cholesterol levels.

Fish and shellfish are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as many studies have suggested that fish and shellfish help to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, while also offering omega-3 fatty acids.

Selenium, which is found in higher amounts in lobster, has shown qualities that help make it a healthy part of thyroid function. Your thyroid can be a big factor in how you feel as far as tired, bad mood, etc., so even if you're unaware of any thyroid issues, it's important to eat foods rich in Selenium, like lobster, to ensure that you remain healthy and at the top of your game.

Mental Health Benefits of Lobster

Those omega-3 fatty acids are for more than just helping with good heart function. They also have been shown to help the brain with decreasing aggression, impulsivity, and even depression in adults. Because they are also known for assisting with heart health, there is no good reason not to indulge and include lobster in your meal plan.

How to Prepare Lobster

As with just about anything, the way you prepare the food can have a major effect on how healthy it can be. That lobster mac and cheese may sound delicious, but you're probably losing some of the health benefits with the macaroni and cheese. If you have a nice lobster salad for your lunch, however, you're enjoying a delicious protein with some healthy greens. Lobster is traditionally prepared by boiling or steaming, which are very healthy ways to prepare it. You'll run into trouble if you drench your lobster with cheap butter, which is often served to you on the side at a restaurant. If you think that's the way to serve it, there are many other better ways to prepare lobster, and if you add the right seasonings and spices, you won't need to drench it in butter. You can also add lobster to rice dishes for a light casserole or even make it into burgers for a nautical twist on the barbecue this summer.