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Wholey's Shrimp Cocktail

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Hosting a dinner party or a business soiree? Get a jumpstart on party planning with simple appetizers your guests are guaranteed to enjoy. Shrimp cocktail has long been a classic choice for anniversaries, weddings, and parties of every kind. Prawn cocktail, as it is also known, is a simple seafood dish that consists of shelled, cooked prawns and cocktail sauce for dipping. As an hors d'œuvre, your guests can satisfy their cravings with a light treat until the main course is ready to be devoured. Each shrimp cocktail order comes with two bags of 16 to 20 cooked shrimp and two jars of our signature cocktail sauce. Order yours today to make appetizer preparation quick and easy.

As any seafood lover knows, the cocktail sauce can make or break your dinner. Like our other sauces, our cocktail sauce is made using the freshest ingredients – hot sauce, ketchup, Worcester sauce, and lemon juice. This condiment can be served cold or at room temperature and is perfect if you are setting up an oyster bar or serving shrimp cocktail for your guests to enjoy. Each two-pound bag of shrimp leaves you with plenty to satisfy an entire party, or you can save them and store them for future meals. Shrimp are peeled and deveined beforehand. Just thaw, plate, and enjoy! If you have any questions about our shrimp cocktail or signature sauce, please contact us today for more information.

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