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Wholey Sea Scallops (3 Lb.)

Item #: wholeyseascallop


Tender, succulent sea scallops are certainly a dinnertime treat that we at Wholeys think shoppers should consider more often. Thankfully, Wholeys makes it easy to both source and prepare this delicious shellfish thanks to our three 1 pound packages of hand-selected and individually quick frozen sea scallops. Stock up today and turn to these gorgeous scallops whenever you need an impressive meal. We’ve even included a few recipe ideas for inspiration.


Overnight Thawing
Place desired amount of frozen scallops in a colander and set into a large bowl. Cover with plasic wrap. Refrigerate overnight or until completely thawed. Scallops are ready to cook.

Quick Thawing:
Place desired amount of scallops in a sealed bag and thaw in cold water for about 45 minutes or until completely thawed. Drain excess water.
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