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Vidalia Onion & Orange Hot Sauce

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There are lots of foods that can use a bit of a kick added to them. From tacos to seasoning meats to even scrambled eggs, hot sauce can be the perfect complement to a meal. Our Vidalia Onion & Orange Hot Sauce combines the fruitiness of orange juice, sweet Vidalia onions, and hot jalapeno peppers to create a delicately sweet hot sauce that doesn't offer too much heat. In fact, it's ideal for use with delicate foods including fish. Anyone hearing fish tacos? For someone who likes a touch of sweet and spicy, our Vidalia Onion & Orange Hot Sauce is the perfect option. If you're having guests over, you'll have to be sure to include this on the menu so they can complement their meal with this sweetly spicy sauce. Don't worry about those jalapenos though, they just offer a slight kick in this blend that is crafted from fresh ingredients. We only serve our customers what we would serve our family, which is fresh and high quality.

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