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Vidalia Onion & Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce

Item #: vdlajlpn


Sometimes you just need a little kick to your food. We have a large selection of specialty hot sauces available for order including the popular Vidalia Onion & Jalapeno Hot Sauce. With the mention of jalapenos in the title, you may assume that this is a very spicy hot sauce, but it is actually relatively tame, making it great for use on pork, chicken, or even over scrambled eggs at breakfast. The other ingredients like the sweet Vidalia onions help to reduce the heat of the jalapenos. For those who like just a bit of a kick to their meats, this is an ideal hot sauce. The Vidalia Onion & Jalapeno Hot Sauce will add some spice and zest that will get your taste buds watering, but won't overpower them or have you reaching for your water. Instead, it's a perfect twist of spicy and sweet, with just a bit of a kick.

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