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Vidalia Onion BBQ Sauce


When you add meat to a grill, you know for sure you're getting a delicious flavor that everyone will enjoy. What can really add an extra level to that meal is a delicious barbecue sauce. Rubs and marinades are great, but nothing beats our Vidalia Onion BBQ sauce. It's sweet and tangy, giving you the perfect bit of flavor to a variety of foods. We've found that our sauce goes great on a variety of white meats like chicken, pork, and yes, even certain types of fish. Gather up friends and family for grilled fish sandwiches or BBQ chicken cookouts. The Vidalia onions offer the sauce a slightly sweet twist, making this a wonderful choice for those who don't want anything too spicy, but still enjoy a great flavor on their meat. Vidalia Onion BBQ sauce certainly fits the bill when you're looking for great taste and flavor without burning taste buds.

As with all of our products, we use only the freshest products available, and our barbecue sauces are no different. That's what makes these taste so great, it's all the fresh flavor that's included!

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