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Uncle Charley's Thick Bacon (3 Lb. Avg)

Item #: unclecbacon


If bacon is the food of royalty, Uncle Charley's thick bacon is the king. The old-fashioned, thick sliced bacon is double-smoked for the liveliest flavor imaginable to go with your favorite breakfast meals, burgers, appetizers, and more. Bacon is one of those meats that can go with just about anything. Making pancakes? Add bacon. Making a BLT? You got it, it's in there too. There are a variety of ways to prepare it, and that's part of the charm. Some people like it crispy, others prefer it to be a bit more on the chewy and soft side. Uncle Charley's thick bacon has been cured with the perfect blend of salt and brown sugar to provide a sweet meets savory taste that will change the way you think about bacon. The best part, it can then be prepared however you prefer.

When you shop with us, you can rest assured that you are getting quality meats the whole family is going to love. Uncle Charley's thick bacon is a reputable brand, and one that you can count on for delicious meats your family will love. Each package contains 3 pounds on average, so you are getting something that can be used, and then have the leftovers frozen for a later date or you can feed all your friends who are coming over for the weekly brunch.

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