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Shad With Shad Roe (6 Lb. Avg)

Item #: frshandshroc


There are certain products that taste even better because you have to wait for them. Our selection of shad with shad roe is one of those options. This is a great option for fans of shad, and you get several pounds per order. We send 6 pounds of delicate, tender fresh shad along with the fresh shad roe placed in a separate container. Whether you choose to freeze some for later or prepare it all when company comes is up to you, but with this order, make sure you get enough. To ensure the optimum level of freshness, we offer this exclusive product from February to March only. We do this to stay true to our promise to our customers of only providing the freshest seafood options available. Our shad with shad roe is a delectable opportunity to try something new, and offers an affordable way to eat seasonally, as well as several heart-healthy benefits. High in Omega 3, this fish is very low in toxins as well, making it a great option for the whole family. Specific orders over $200 receive free shipping to select states.

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