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2-6 Caribbean Red Snapper (6 lb. Avg)

Although there are hundreds of snapper species, the Caribbean red snapper is one of the most beloved. This reef snapper boasts a fine, juicy texture and sweet flavor to delight your taste buds. Their tasty skin holds the delicate texture together and...

Scottish Salmon Fillets (4 Lb. Avg)

Feeding the family can be tough. By the time you get the list made, get to the store, get everything on the list, go back because you forgot something on the list, get home, unload, and get everything set out to start cooking, the last thing you feel...

Scottish Salmon Steaks (3 Lb. Avg)

Cooking light can be fun and delicious. Seafood offers an excellent alternative to red meats, and salmon is certainly leading the way. Our Scottish salmon steaks provide a great source of protein, heart-healthy fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals...

1-3 Walleye/Yellow Pike (6 Lb. Avg)

There’s no denying the thrill of trying wild-caught fish for dinner, and Wholey’s Market is the one-stop shop for all your seafood cravings and quality meats. Walleye yellow pike, otherwise known simply as pike, pickerel, or yellow walleye,...

Canadian Salmon Fillets Bone-In (4 Lb. Avg)

When it comes to the seafood you enjoy or prepare for your family, never settle for store-bought or farm-raised varieties. At Robert Wholey Company, we offer only the freshest fish fillets and delicacies. Our Canadian salmon fillets are no exception to...

6 Whole Rainbow Trout

Native to the rivers and lakes of North America, rainbow trout are some of the most colorful fish in our seafood selection. Available all year long, these hard-fighting fish are members of the salmon family and can grow quite large. Robert Wholey...
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Atlantic Salmon Fillets (4 Lb. Avg)

This organic farm-raised fresh Atlantic salmon is unmatched by other online retailers. Each order of this magnificent fish contains about 4 pounds of tender, juicy meat. For a healthy meal that will please you and your family, use Atlantic organic...

Sardines Frozen (8 Lb.)

Looking for a pop of flavor to shake up your midweek meals? Look no further than whole sardines. These tasty little morsels are sadly misunderstood, but they’re healthy, affordable, safe, and sustainable. We pluck them fresh from the pristine...
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5-6 Virginia Beach Black Sea Bass (6 Lb. Avg)

Virginia Beach black sea bass is one of the most popular menu items at any upscale seafood restaurant. Now, you can enjoy this delicious delicacy in the comfort of your own home. We catch our whole black sea bass fresh off the coast of Virginia during...
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2-3 Striped Bass for Sale (6 LB.)

Featuring a silvery body marked with dark stripes, the striped bass has garnered a wide range of nicknames, from stripers to pimpfish and rockfish to linesider. Whichever name you want to call it, this strong swimmer has firmer flesh than other species...

Mahi Mahi (2 LB.)

Whether you live in the mountains or the spacious plains, we can deliver the freshest and most flavorful seafood straight to your door so you can enjoy the comforts of the coast without leaving your home. Enjoy two pounds of our frozen mahi-mahi, and...
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Bronzini 3-7 Fish (6 Lb. Avg)

Though it may be tempting to preheat the oven for a pizza after a long day at the office, making time to create a well-rounded meal has miraculous benefits, especially when your meal includes fish. Many species of fish are high in fat-based nutrients...

18-20 Butterfish (6 Lb. Avg)

Some fish go by many names, and butterfish are no exception. Call them dollarfish, shiner, skipjack, sheepshead, harvest fish, and you will still end up with one of the best-kept secrets in seafood. Our six-pound bundles of whole butterfish are sourced...

2-6 Spanish Mackerel (6 Lb. Avg)

Coming up with new and exciting dinner ideas can be challenging. Luckily, you have come to the right place. At Wholey’s Market, we offer the finest seafood and meats available on the market. Our delectable Spanish mackerel are found in the clear...
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6-8 Virginia Sea Croaker (6 lb. Avg)

Looking for a new fish to resolve your weeknight meal fatigue? Try sautéing, pan frying, or broiling the Virginia sea croaker fish. Though the territory of these fish spans from Massachusetts to the Gulf of Mexico, they are one of...

4-6 Porgies and Scup Fish (6 LB.)

When midweek fatigue is getting you down, there are plenty of solutions to spice up your family meals. Although it may be tempting to preheat the oven for a pizza or order take-out, there’s no denying the benefits of adding seafood and fish to...

3-6 Jersey Blue Fish (6 Lb. Avg)

When you shop at Wholey’s Market, you gain direct access to the finest seafood selection and the most personable shopping experience available. Our fresh Atlantic blue fish is as full-flavored as they come and will make a welcome addition to any...
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2-3 Flounder (6 Lb. Avg)

Healthy cooking can be fun and delicious, especially when experimenting with seafood or river delicacies. Our whole fresh flounder is sure to please even the pickiest eaters – just don’t show them the “before” photo! Although...

Lemon Sole Flounder Fillets (2 Lb. Avg)

Create a tasty yet healthy dinner that anyone can enjoy by trading in your turf for a little bit of surf. Lemon sole is a common flatfish of the Plaice family but, contrary to the name, these fish are a species of flounder. Our lemon sole flounder...
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Shad With Shad Roe (6 Lb. Avg)

There are certain products that taste even better because you have to wait for them. Our selection of shad with shad roe is one of those options. This is a great option for fans of shad, and you get several pounds per order. We send 6 pounds of...

Catfish Fillets for Sale (2LB.)

From étouffée to delicious and crunchy nuggets, catfish is one of the most dynamic fish for scrumptious recipes. Explore the versatility in our catfish fillets for sale, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with each and every bite...