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Peanut Butter and Chocolate (1 Lb. Avg)

Item #: pbchlcl


Wholey’s has been a family-owned grocery providing clients with the finest meats and seafood since 1912, but many of our customers forget that we have a sweet tooth too. We proudly offer a selection of Thelma’s peanut butter and chocolate fudge, just like the old-fashioned sweets you begged for at the fair each year as a child. This heavenly peanut butter and chocolate fudge is made with fresh ingredients, so you can treat yourself without feeling an ounce of guilt. Her fudge is so good, that we sell it by the pound, not the slice. Best of all, her fudge comes in beautifully packaged gift boxes to make gift-giving easier than ever before. Whether stocking up for the holidays or shopping for sinfully delicious desserts your party guests won’t be able to resist, it just isn’t the same without fudge.

Let the sugary daydreams take over, because Thelma’s peanut butter and chocolate fudge will have your taste buds tingling with each and every bite. Peanut butter and chocolate have long been a popular combination in sweets and treats of all kinds. Thelma made them even better by combining them in delectable fudge, which is perfect for snack time, dessert, or any occasion worth celebrating. Each order contains one pound of peanut butter and chocolate fudge. When you spend $200 or more, you can even qualify for free premium shipping to select states. Please contact us today with any questions, and one of our customer service representatives will gladly assist you.

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