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Peach Chipotle Sauce

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For many foodies, there is nothing better than the combination of sweet and spicy. It’s intriguing in that it can make your eyes water, but that sweetness helps tone down the spice and gives a tantalizing taste for your taste buds. Our peach chipotle sauce is that perfect combination of sweet and spicy, without being overwhelming. Only the freshest ingredients have been used to make this sauce, which is a great complement to chicken, fish or pork meals The peaches provide the sweetness and the chipotles will give you plenty of spice. We are still growing our line of specialty sauces, but we are pleased to include the peach chipotle sauce for a tangy twist. We know that peaches are best enjoyed when the weather starts to warm up, but we feel that our sauce can be enjoyed year-round on a variety of dishes.

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