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Thelma's Fudge

When compiling the perfect meal from start to finish there are many components to consider. Whether looking for a sweet treat as an afternoon break or a delicious dessert offering after a perfectly cooked meal, our selection of online fudge is the perfect answer! We offer the sweetest of the sweet, Thelma’s Fudge, to satisfy the sweet tooth in your family.


You might be surprised to discover that Wholey’s Market carries dessert, but we have a sweet tooth, just like you. We know the perfect way to finish a delicious meal is with a delicious dessert! Our selection of online fudge comes from a local staple in the Pittsburgh area for fresh sweets the whole family will enjoy. There’s a reason Thelma’s Fudge is coveted the way it is. This rich, satisfying fudge is made from only the freshest ingredients and with careful combinations of different flavors, which is clear from the very first bite. It’s so good we sell it by the pound, not the slice! Fudge is wonderful year round and makes wonderful holiday gifts for friends and family. In fact, all fudge comes beautifully packaged in a gift box to make gift-giving a breeze. Give them a gift they will truly appreciate this year! Thelma’s melt-in-your-mouth fudge comes in many varieties to meet the sugar cravings of the whole family. Choose from options such as deliciously nutty praline and walnut flavors for those who enjoy a little crunch and texture to their sweets. Have a peanut butter lover in your bunch? Check out the delicious peanut butter varieties, including classic peanut butter fudge and perfectly swirled peanut butter and chocolate for a rich treat. We also offer the classic indulgence of plain chocolate fudge for this trademark fudge brand. Add some sweetness to your day with these sweet treats!


At Wholey, we have over 100 years of providing the freshest options in seafood, meats, and other specialty products. We are honored to be your friendly source for all your flavorful needs from fresh filets to fudge. Call or order online today to experience a better way to shop for the essentials!