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Orange Chipotle Sauce

Item #: ojchplts


When you’re an expert foodie such as yourself, you know how important it is to mix flavors accurately and ensure that no meal is boring. With that being said, our orange chipotle sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy to get your taste buds tingling and have you trying new things in the kitchen. Connoisseurs of duck, shrimp, and chicken will love the taste of this sauce. The orange chipotle sauce will obviously give your food a fruity taste, but the addition of chipotle adds a little spice to the mix. Birds such as chicken and duck can taste a little bland if there are few seasonings and no sauces used in their preparation. Luckily, with our wide selection of sauces, there will be no grievances at the dinner table after trying this one. This is perfect for a spring or summer day when recipes get a bit lighter, and we all crave that tropical taste. However, don’t worry, our orange chipotle sauce will not overpower your main ingredient, and will instead just enhance the flavor.

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