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Natural Casing Stadium Franks (4 Lb. Avg)

Item #: sistnacastfr



Nothing says an all American meal like hot dogs. Our Silver Star natural casing stadium franks are the perfect addition to your summer cookout or for those days when you need a quick dinner without a lot of fuss. There’s just something about hot dogs, they’re something that everyone in the family will enjoy, even the pickiest of eaters. Brought to you by a company who doesn’t compromise their standards, Silver Star natural casing hot dogs are a delicious blend of beef and pork, making them a delicious choice that your entire family will love. With various spices, and stuffed in sheep casing, you can feel good about serving this to your family.

Silver Star natural casing stadium franks are best served with a side of chips, dip, and some veggies. It’s the perfect food for parties, grilling, and just those busy nights when the kids are hungry and you need a quick fix. Available in 4-pound packages.

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