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If your diet has fallen into somewhat of a chicken and beef routine, and you're thinking of diversifying, having lamb is definitely something to consider. Maybe you enjoyed lamb once upon a time but drifted away for some reason, maybe because what you're eating now seems more readily available. That's no longer the case when you can order lamb meat online through Wholey. With just a few clicks, you can have lamb meat anytime and soon recapture that tender, buttery quality, and all-around deliciousness.


No matter which of our various lamb cuts you order, you will also reap some impressive nutritional benefits. Lamb offers high-quality protein and an array of vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and B vitamins, and some of these the body can more easily absorb than it can from other meats. Fat is lower than in times past due to breeding developments, and half the fat now present is unsaturated — a key component of the healthy Mediterranean diet now so widely advocated to help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Another benefit of cooking with lamb is the wide range of options available to you in terms of cooking including broiling, roasting, braising, grilling and more, including shish kebobs. It is also a great substitute for beef in stews and soups because of the naturally hearty flavor in the meat. Whichever way you choose, you always want to remain vigilant to prevent overcooking. It's all about getting a moist and tender result for maximum enjoyment.


With our selection of lamb meat for sale, you get the meats of the highest quality and freshest flavor for a delicious addition to any meal. We have lamb meat for sale anytime, so spare yourself a trip to the butcher shop and stock up. We offer fast delivery of orders to ensure freshness with the added benefit of free shipping to select states on orders over $200 for an added value on bulk orders. As long as you're in the mood to diversify your diet, take a look at even more unique meats and seafood we know you will also greatly enjoy. Order today and experience a better way to shop!