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Maine Duck Trap Smoked Salmon (2.5 Lb.)

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Maine Duck Trap Smoked Salmon (2.5 Lb.)

There are few fish as healthy as salmon. In fact, it's heart-healthy and tastes delicious, not to mention can be prepared in a variety of ways from being grilled to being pan seared with lemon juice. No matter how you choose to prepare our Ducktrap smoked Atlantic salmon, we have no doubt you will enjoy it. Our Maine Ducktrap smoked salmon is naturally smoked in Maine and arrives ready to eat in a generous 2.5-pound size order. This is a premium fish and has no artificial preservatives or ingredients added to it, so you can rest assured this is a healthy choice for your family and friends to enjoy over and over again. The best part, it can be used for any meal, even breakfast! For a continental breakfast with a twist, serve with cold cut meats, fruit, yogurt, and pastries.

Our Ducktrap smoked Atlantic salmon tastes so good, you'll be ordering more next time. There are so many ways to prepare this, we have some recipe suggestions, or you can even just slice thinly for appetizers at your next dinner party. However, you prepare it, it will fit with our motto: live deliciously.

Smoke Roasted Salmon Caesar Salad

2 Romaine lettuce hearts, chopped
12 oz Ducktrap smoke roasted salmon
(any flavor), flaked and skin removed
3/4 cup Caesar salad dressing
3/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese


Wash and cut Romaine lettuce — be sure
lettuce is dry to serve. In large bowl, mix
Romaine, salmon, dressing and 1/2 cup of the
parmesan cheese. Toss all ingredients until
dressing is well distributed. Portion salad
equally in four serving bowls. Top with
remaining parmesan cheese and fresh milled
pepper, if desired.
Entrée: Serves 4

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