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Honey Habanero BBQ Sauce


There’s just something about that delectable combination of sweet and spicy. It’s tantalizing, and yet, confounding too as to how something so sweet can cause your eyes to water in such a way. If this is the taste you’ve been craving, then we’ve got you covered with our honey Habanero BBQ sauce. This special blend combines some of the favorites into one delicious sauce that is sure to delight your taste buds. The Habanero gives it that special, spicy kick that some foodies need in their food, while the honey gives it a slightly sweet twist that will make you wonder what else this sauce has to offer. With a slightly tangy BBQ flavor to finish the meal, your guests, and yourself, will be asking for seconds of the entrée prepared with this sauce. Our honey Habanero BBQ sauce can be served on top of meats as a marinade or added to a variety of meals to add a special seasoning to it. Transform a variety of options from meat and vegetable kebobs to grilled chicken.

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