Frog Legs (2 Lb.)

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Although they are best known in the United States as part of Southern comfort cuisine, frog legs are a very popular delicacy throughout the world. We often see them as tasty treats in French and Chinese fare, but they are also consumed in regions ranging from South America to Southeastern Europe. If you are looking to try something totally new as an appetizer or part of your main course for a special occasion, choose our frozen frog legs. These scrumptious delights are great alternatives to fish and traditional meats, and they are a great source of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and the potassium needed to regulate your heart. Browse our fine selection today and dare to be bold by introducing your family to a new food favorite.

Serve your family frog legs paired with garlic sauce, horseradish dip, or a honey mustard base to complement the mildly sweet flavor. Our frozen frog legs are very tender and succulent. If you’re exploring new weeknight treat ideas or you are interested in trying frog legs for the very first time, check out our frog legs for sale and surprise your family with an eccentric appetizer choice. For more than a century, our goal has been to deliver the finest, freshest products to our customers. Add a little something different to the menu today by exploring our selection.

Frog Legs (2 Lb.) Wholey's

Frog Legs (2 Lb.)