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Creamy Cucumber Crab Cake Sauce

Item #: ccumbersc


While there’s no bad time for crab cakes, we always think that spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy these tasty treats and what better way than with our creamy cucumber crab cake sauce? There’s something light and refreshing about cucumber, which is why it’s the perfect addition to this sauce to really take your crab cakes to a brand new level. Whether you prefer crab cakes for snacking or as the main event of a dinner party, adding our creamy cucumber crab cake sauce will make them become an excellent part of the meal. All of our sauces are made using the finest ingredients and this creamy sauce is no exception. Whether you dip your crab cakes into the creamy cucumber sauce or drizzle it on top of your crab cake, you’ll enjoy this popular treat and will definitely be getting some more when you run out.

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