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Cabernet Steak Sauce

Item #: cabernet


Have you ever been left looking for that perfect final finishing touch? In this case, when it comes to cooking and preparing the perfect steak, our cabernet steak sauce is that finishing touch that your meal simply demands. Our sauce can easily turn an ordinary steak dinner into an exquisite feast that will have everyone asking for your recipe and probably for seconds too! The taste of this sauce will evoke thoughts of a great meal from a five-star restaurant and is perfect for use with filet mignon or grilled beef tenderloin steak. We can provide everything you need for a delicious dinner from the steak to the cabernet steak sauce. This is a great addition to a variety of dinners whether it’s a romantic dinner for two where you need to cook to impress or if it’s a dinner party for your closest friends and family.

All of our steak sauces come in dark, expertly packaged bottles and after tasting this cabernet steak sauce, you will never want to use a name brand steak sauce again.

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