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Seafood Steaks

We certainly have nothing against beef. In fact, Wholeys stocks an ample selection of premium meats, which we encourage you to shop, but there are times when only a delicious seafood steak will do. And that’s when it’s time to shop Mike’s Seafood Steak House at Wholeys. The health benefits of seafood are widely known, but that doesn’t mean you’re choking down health food. Far from it, in fact. Take a look at these gorgeous seafood steaks. Weighing in at an average of two pounds an order, these seafood steaks are simultaneously fresh and hearty – and sure to satisfyingly fill even the biggest beef fan. We source our seafood from all over the world, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best seafood steaks available anywhere, whether it’s Chilean Sea Bass, Hawaiian Mahi Mahi or Scottish Salmon. And that adds up to a win for everyone.