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Eating fresh rabbit meat may seem to some like the act of a hunter or someone who grew up in the country. After all, you're not accustomed to seeing fresh rabbit on display in American grocery stores along with beef, chicken, pork and turkey. Nevertheless, it is popular around the world, with rabbit meat production in the millions of tons, and this is not in backwater places. Among the countries where rabbit meat consumption is highest are Belgium, France, Italy and Spain. Rabbit meat tastes remarkably like chicken meat, but is leaner; yet, you can mostly use it the same way. It also boasts several benefits over beef and pork. It contains more high-quality protein, more vitamins and minerals, less fat, and greater proportions of certain fatty acids. If you're now intrigued, but clueless on where to find rabbit meat for sale, you're already in the right place! Wholey offers fresh, whole, cleaned, farm-raised rabbit that comes from the best farms in China. Each whole rabbit package we offer contains about 10 lbs. of meat, so you're all set to quickly make a most delicious discovery. Though your order will traverse many miles, you can forget any concerns about freshness. When you order rabbit meat online from Wholey, it comes packed in dry ice, thus ensuring its arrival in the same pristine condition. Once you experience what you have been missing, you will never ask yourself where to buy rabbit meat again, or any other meat. Check over our site and see what other unique meats and seafood you would like to include in your order. If you can exceed $200, shipping is free, if you're in selected states. We look forward to being your culinary catalyst for a long time to come!Product of China