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Imagine the most incredible butcher from a long-lost era that sells not only standard fare like prime cuts of beef, fresh chickens and young lambs, but also meats popular all over the world and in varied regional cuisines that are much harder to come by in local grocery stores today. That’s where Wholey comes in. It remains, to this day, that long-lost butcher. From Wholey’s origins selling live poultry, meats, sausages and coffees in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania in 1912, Wholey has grown to sell all types of meats. At Wholey, there’s practically no meat too obscure. Ordering from Wholey is like special ordering meat from a friendly local butcher. Wholey prides itself on offering a range of quality meats, from more popular cuts of beef, like filet mignons and ribeyes, to pork, lamb, sausage and bacon and rarer finds like rabbit, alligator, frog and turtle meat. Wholey takes the same care in preparing its USDA Choice fresh beef as it does its cleaned rabbit. Wholey also partners with the finest purveyors of alligator, frog and turtle meats to ensure shoppers have an easy one-stop shop for all their exotic meat needs. And with free shipping kicking in at $200, it’s easy to fill a cart that ships for free, much like that old-fashioned, neighborhood butcher would do for his customers if he was still around in the Internet era.